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Jesus tells us to, 'pray without becoming weary.' (Luke 18,1).

With this in mind we have decided to join together as a 'living Rosary' wherever we are for 24 hours on certain days in order to pray for peace in our country, in Europe, in the world, and for the great intentions of the 'Lady of All Nations'.

24 Hours for Mary
If you want to pray with us, you’ll find the list below to sign up. Just pick a time slot (or more !) that you are willing to dedicate to Our Lady by praying the Holy Rosary. That’s how we will create a living chain of prayer on these specific days. It’s so simple: sign your name up and you will be added to the list. When the day is over your data will be deleted and then you can sign up to pray again. You also have the possibility to sign up for the same time every week.

Thank you for helping Our Lady through your prayer, so that she can help us in these difficult times.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us:
Wednesday, August 24th 2016
00:00 Sign upHelene van der HeijdenHeidemarie FeixMevr. van Dijk Sanders  
00:30 Sign upHeidemarie FeixFrantišek Všelko   
01:00 Sign upMonika Schmitz    
01:30 Sign upMonika SchmitzPeter Thaler   
02:00 Sign upMonika RaczekPier Carlo e Vilma   
02:30 Sign upKarenAndy    
03:00 Sign upBischof Michael SchattaHildegund ChallShirleyJozef Malindra+ 1 more
03:30 Sign upMiguel Charola PortigoJozefina   
04:00 Sign upSopoligová VeronikaFrantiška Hrinová   
04:30 Sign upRettenberger ElisabethAnna Barbara RieplerEsterSopoligová Veronika+ 1 more
05:00 Sign upAntonia RiesDoris KohlhebPetra SchnorrenbergEster+ 3 more
05:30 Sign upGisela HeinemannFranziskaInge Maria Hösel+ 1 more
06:00 Sign upAnnemarie SimmendingerGabriele KoglerMlekusch ChristineP.H.Oesterle+ 16 more
06:30 Sign upKarl- Heinz MühlbergerCecilia MoeltgenFrau UrbanMaria Dillmann+ 2 more
07:00 Sign upMlekusch ChristineKarl- Heinz MühlbergerDoris AdamLivio Nargi+ 2 more
07:30 Sign upj.grznarovaAndrea HeßmannEva KamenskáMaria Neururer+ 1 more
08:00 Sign upRenate und Hans HerbingenPasqualina Gellmini   
08:30 Sign upSiegmund RiemerGisela SchelbTheresia GriegerElfriede Kappek+ 2 more
09:00 Sign upSiegmund RiemergiuseppaSvetlana Stupavská  
09:30 Sign upGenovevaRosenkranzgruppe SchwazChristoph KanduthIlse 
10:00 Sign upEddy und Loretta BugayAmaliaGretel StengerSchranz Kathrin 
10:30 Sign upUrsula W.Heidi StampfliHildegard Rieß  
11:00 Sign upUte HillenAngelika   
11:30 Sign upMonika RaczekArmand WyssenSr. Edel Maria  
12:00 Sign upAnka M každý deòMaria MüllerHerr Lüthi  
12:30 Sign upAngelikaUrsula SHedi  
13:00 Sign upBrigitte ZerlautBr. Gary Charles   
13:30 Sign upVáclav ChládekMaria Lukacikova   
14:00 Sign upCäcilia WindAnnaGerda BeckerBartková Paulína 
14:30 Sign upCäcilia WindMarta Balková   
15:00 Sign upBirgit WunderlingnisyangSiegmund RiemerJunghild Grün+ 3 more
15:30 Sign upBirgit WunderlingSiegmund RiemerJunghild GrünEva Protusova+ 3 more
16:00 Sign upEtela, DalinaValentin Kerschbaumer Maggioni Gianna  
16:30 Sign upValentin Kerschbaumer Erika PribilAnna Greco  
17:00 Sign upPaula H. Anna HeidingsfelderSr. Waltraud Zounek  
17:30 Sign upSr. AntoniaOtt Ilse und HansSr. Rebekka und Mitschwestern  
18:00 Sign upP.H.OesterleChrista FloriIna Maria S. MüllerBen Menhard+ 1 more
18:30 Sign upAntonia KerschbaumerMC RemscheidMaria BodeFranz 
19:00 Sign upDajanaMarianne ForierKathyJojo+ 2 more
19:30 Sign upChrista TheresaAstner K.Monika Raczek  
20:00 Sign upRosenkranzkapelleKapelle hl Michael Freie katholische GemJuan Carlos Polavieja P.Aumayr Charlotte+ 2 more
20:30 Sign upWolfgang WächterJulia MariaAndreasAgata 
21:00 Sign upVIERA DUPEJDoris SchudaRuth SupersaxoMargherita Segna+ 1 more
21:30 Sign upDoris SchudaFriedbert SchäferHubert  
22:00 Sign upIlse Lehrermarietta klitschM.Ch.Magdalena Angrick+ 2 more
22:30 Sign upChuda EDaniela M.Barbara MainkaDaniela M. 
23:00 Sign upEvaMartin GJohn Wilson & Gudrun Korell-WilsonFrau Feiks 
23:30 Sign upIgnatiusCarla C.Rebecca Elschker Martin G