Explanation for the “Prayer of the Lady of all Nations”

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On May 31, 1996, after having consulted the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Bishop of Haarlem-Amsterdam, His Excellency H. Bomers, together with his Auxiliary Bishof, His Excellency J. M. Punt, gave permission for the public veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title “The Lady of All Nations.”

Under this title, the Blessed Virgin appeared in Amsterdam from 1945-1959, revealing to an ordinary woman Ida Peerdeman, that she as “The Lady of All Nations” or “The Mother of All Nations” wants to be known and loved by all. She shows the current situation in the Church and in the world through impressive prophetic visions. In her messages, Mary reveals the plan with which God wants to save the world through His Mother. Accordingly, she gives all peoples and nations a prayer and an image.

The image show The Lady of All Nations standing on the globe, permeated by God’s light before the Cross of her Son the Redeemer with whom she is inseparably united. From Mary’s hands stream forth three rays of Grace, Redemption and Peace which she may grant to those who invoke her as Advocate. The flock of sheep represents the nations of the whole world who will not find rest until they look up to the Cross, the center of the world.

The Lady of All Nations dictates a short, powerful prayer to preserve us from degeneration, impending disaster and war.

“You, nations of this time, know that you are under the protection of the Lady al All Nations. Invoke her as Advocate; ask her to stave off all disaster. From degeneration comes disaster. From degeneration comes war. Through my prayer you shall ask that this be staved off from the world. You do not know how great and how important this prayer is before God.” (May 31, 1955)

She asks hat this prayer be prayed at least once a day. “I assure you that the world will change.” (April 29, 1951) As Mother of All Nations she has been sent by the Father and the Son to bring unity and peace to the world for “under this title and through this prayer, she may deliver the world from a great world catastrophe.” (May 10, 1953) Therefore, the Lady of All Nations emphatically asks for a great worldwide action to spread her prayer and image. “Help with all your means and see to the outspreading, everyone in one’s own way.” (June 15, 1952)

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