The action of prayer

The action of prayer

The idea: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day – perpetual prayer of the Rosary

Countless times in the course of history, the Rosary has brought a fortunate turn in hopeless situations. In view of the world situation today, we are looking for people from all countries, who are ready to help that the Rosary is prayed continuously – 24 hours a day – that the world may be preserved from degeneration, disaster and war. “Since the most Holy Virgin gave such power to the Holy Rosary, there is no material or spiritual, national or international problem that she cannot solve with the Holy Rosary and with our sacrifices.” (Sr. Lucia of Fatima, 1958). You are welcome to participate in our worldwide action for peace in Europe and the whole world and the intentions of Our Lady, thereby making your personal contribution for the salvation of the world. The world needs it more than ever! You want to participate? Here’s how it works: Choose one or more times when you want to pray the Rosary and then sign up in the internet list! If you always want to pray at the same time, you can sign up for it. You will be on the list until you asked to be removed through a simple e-mail. Your desired time is already taken? No problem! Several people can pray at the same time; the more people who pray, the better!

24 hours – the list


More than 729867 rosaries in 2927 days.

Counted on: 23.02.2024